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Courteous maids service is committed to professionally providing your residence or commercial space with top quality cleanings. We can help reduce the stress in your life by leaving house cleaning to us. Thus, we want you to dedicate your time, focus, and energy on your life goals and let us handle your cleanings. The Courteous Maids will always be reliable, honest, and yes, courteous. Here is why we would like you to take advantage of our FREE Quote:

Professional Janitorial Service
Have you ever heard the old saying? “Better safe than sorry”? Well, whenever you are looking for a cleaning service, you should also look for safety. Hire a cleaning service that is licensed, insured, bonded, and knows how to provide a good quality controlled service that is safe for you and loved ones.
Dedicated Cleaning Service
Courteous Maids is committed to a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If in case, our service has not met your satisfaction, inform us within 24 hours after the crew performed the service. At no additional charge, we will have the crew return to resolve the SPECIFIC items you have identified on the next business day (Monday – Friday).
Experienced and Attention to Details
Courteous Maids believes in quality. Thus, our staff is trained to provide a thorough cleaning in a respectful manner. They are instructed not to be overly conversational and focus on getting the cleaning job done.
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
Courteous Maids is licensed by the state of Georgia. We carry liability insurance and a fidelity bond. Our insurance also covers our staff in the event of accident or injury.
Deep Cleaning
Courteous Maids specializes in residential deep cleaning and offers a variety of packages in Metro Atlanta. Historically, in the old days, after a cold winter when residences were warmed either by wood or coal, houses required a Spring cleaning right after a cold winter. This type of cleaning has become famously named as “Spring Cleaning”. Courteous Maids refers to it as Deep Cleaning and offers it at any time of the year for new and recurring clients.

Residential Cleaning
Our staff is trained to provide a thorough cleaning in a respectful manner. Staff are instructed not to be overly conversational and to focus on getting the cleaning job well done. We do not promise perfection, but we do promise to go above and beyond to make sure you are a 100% satisfied. Referrals are vital in this industry and it is the best way to measure our performance. Also, our clients are contract free, meaning that they may continue or cancel the recurring cleaning service at any time.

Housekeeping is offered for all types of home owners. Some have the need for organizing rather than cleanings. Courteous Maids charges for housekeeping hourly. Thus, for housekeeping, the time starts when the crew members arrive and park their vehicle. Normally, party service, organizing, packing and unpacking, and laundry are offered under housekeeping charges. This package is designed for our clients who have an extra need for organizing or other special tasks around the home.

Move In/Out
Courteous Maids cleans for a variety of realtors. Thus, we know the extra value for a sparkling clean home being presented to a potential buyer or renter.

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Corporate Offices
Courteous Maids is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Our trained teams will perform each cleaning in accordance with our superior standards. Communication is important in the process of cleaning. Thus, it is vital that we hear from you in detail about your expectations so that the cleaning performance is satisfactory. Courteous Maids has a unique and detail-oriented quality control method that helps us perform at our best.

Health & Medical Facilities
Courteous Maids works with cross contamination prevention and understands the essential concerns for certain specific health facilities maintenance needs when the subject is cleaning, such as: Simple cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization. Courteous Maids offers special cleanings for small, medium, and large sized clinics and hospitals 24 hours 7 days a week.

Educational & Religious Facilities
Courteous Maids offers a variety of packages for educational and religious facilities. It includes: janitorial coverage, cleanings as well as disinfecting and cross contamination prevention care. Our services are offered after or during business hours.

Bank, Retail & Municipal Buildings
Courteous Maids offers daily to weekly cleanings for libraries, police stations, museums, and other private sector facilities such as retail stores and banks.

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Excellent track record
Courteous Maids have been really great when it comes to housemaids service. True to their name, they are really courteous, great quality of work, are very honest and trustworthy. We have been their clients for over a year now and never had any issues. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Outstanding job!
Nothing feels better at the end of a long day than stepping into an immaculate home with everything cleaned better than you could ever clean it yourself! I was in search of a good cleaning service and found Courteous Maids through a business card they had placed in my mailbox. I called for a free estimate, got a great feeling about them from our first meeting and have been using them for about six months now. My first impression was not wrong — they are meticulous, honest and never fail to deliver a perfect job. Not only are they professional, organized and friendly, but also willing to go above and beyond to please, even offering to do special jobs like polishing the silver!

From our first meeting until now, they never cease to put a smile on my face after each and every cleaning. Courteous Maids are the best, hands down! I can’t imagine hiring any other cleaning service.

Courteous Maids has done weekly and biweekly cleaning for us and their service is the number one thing keeping us sane. Knowing that there is someone we can trust who will keep the house neat and tidy lets us focus on the rest of our busy lives. We both look forward to coming home on Friday evening to a house that is far cleaner than we could ever do.

Courteous Maids provides a very affordable and reliable biweekly cleaning service. I have been using them for over one year and I trust their honesty and integrity. I am delighted with their work and I recommend them highly for quality, affordability and reliability.

Very Professional
The team is always very professional, detailed and leave our place spotless! Definitely money well invested.

Great Cleaning!
Thanks Courteous Maids for how awesome my house looks after each cleaning. Without a doubt, I recommend your cleaning service to my family, friends, and all in need.

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